Call for Artists

VISUAL ARTS — Artists who wish to participate may enter up to two (2) original works of art such as paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures. Each work must be for sale and will be sold at a 50% (artist) and 50% (Center) split.

PERFORMING ARTS — ARTrageous Vegas 2015 will feature a rotation of short acts (such as singers, dancers and musicians) onstage throughout the event. Audio/video of act is required in advance to be chosen to appear, as the performance slots are limited.

FASHION DESIGN — A limited number of fashion designers from Las Vegas will be chosen to participate in ARTrageous Vegas. Sketches or photos of finished designs must be submitted to be considered. The more WOW factor, the better! Two designs may be entered, and one look per chosen designer will be shown at the event. For 2015, ARTrageous Vegas will not have a runway show. Instead, accepted creations will be modeled on a mannequin or dress form provided by the designer.

FLORAL ART — We are seeking over-the-top, colorful, highly artistic floral designs to be displayed throughout the venue. Up to two (2) creations may be submitted per florist, preferably accompanied with sketches of the design. Each work must be for sale and will be sold at a 50% (artist) and 50% (Center) split.

CHOCOLATE/SUGAR ART — Creations made from chocolate and/or sugar may be submitted for display at ARTrageous Vegas 2015. Up to two (2) creations may be submitted per artist, preferably accompanied with sketches of the design. Each work must be for sale and will be sold at a 50% (artist) and 50% (Center) split.


ELIGIBILITY — Only NEW, ORIGINAL ARTWORK not previously exhibited at ARTrageous Vegas will be accepted. All larger two-dimensional art must be framed and ready to hang with proper hardware attached, unless gallery canvases are used. If special display requirements are needed, these must be specified and provided by the artists. All artwork must not be in violation of copyright law. Maximum dimensions of visual artwork is three feet in width and depth and five feet in height. Maximum weight for three-dimensional visual, floral and chocolate/sugar artwork is 70 pounds, and such works must be stable. Artwork, particularly work completed in oil media, must be completely dry and cured prior to submission. The artist must provide in writing any special handling requirements for their art. Damaged artwork will not be accepted. The Center does reserve the right to refuse any artwork. Not every artist who submits will be selected to participate in ARTrageous Vegas.

QUANTITY — Number of submissions for visual arts is not to exceed two works per artist.

DEADLINES — Applications to participate in ARTrageous Vegas 2015 must be received by May 1, 2015.

DELIVERY OF ARTWORK — All visual art must be delivered by the artist to The Center on May 11, 12 or 13 between 10am and 6pm. No artwork will be accepted after this time. The Center reserves the right to refuse any artwork. Floral art, fashion designs and chocolate/sugar art must be delivered directly to the Havana Room at The New Tropicana Las Vegas between noon and 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 16.

ART HANDLING — The art show will be handled and displayed in a professional manner.

PICK UP OF ART — Artists must take their artwork immediately after the event on May 16, 2015. Artists and The Center may discuss special pickup arrangements should unforeseen circumstances prevent pickup at the designated time. Any visual artwork left at the event venue without prior pickup arrangements will become property of The Center and may be sold. Floral art and chocolate/sugar art not picked up immediately after the event may be discarded.

SALES — Because ARTrageous Vegas is a fundraising event for The Center, all artwork displayed at the event must be for sale. Sales are 50% to the artist and 50% to The Center, or an artist may choose to offer a larger percentage to The Center. Please price accordingly. Pricing should be realistic. Prices cannot be changed once your entry has been received. The Center is not responsible for incorrect pricing after entries have been received. All sales are final.

PERMISSION — Permission to photograph and/or reproduce works for publicity and other educational purposes is considered granted unless otherwise stated in writing. Submitting the application with entries is deemed a release.

HOW TO ENTER — ARTrageous Vegas 2015 does not have an entry fee. All applications must be submitted using the form below. Please email with any questions or comments.

Entry Form

Artists of all ages are welcome to complete and submit the form below in order to participate in ARTrageous Vegas 2015. Artists age 21 or older will receive one (1) complimentary ticket to attend the event. All entertainers and fashion participants must be 21 or older. A member of the ARTrageous Vegas 2015 planning committee will be in touch by phone or email at least a week before the event to confirm your participation.